Thursday, March 31, 2016

...Out like a lamb.

So March comes to an end and quietly fades into the history books.
And it is a good thing.

Fitness and diet wise, March has been a bust.
After walking a hundred miles in January and again in February, I took a break in March and didn't track any miles. My diet was also a little off as we managed to take advantage of a twofer sale at our local Braum's ice cream shop.

In a way it seems unfair that it only takes one month to undo the previous two months work, but that's the truth of it.

And so...

Back to it.
In spite of some dietary lapses, I have still been pretty aware of the transgressions as they happened. That makes recovery a little easier since it is just a matter of discipline. I'm a believer in the abs built in the kitchen philosophy, but also know the benefits of exercise.

Personally, I go with -- Diet for weight management. Exercise for good health.

April brings mild temperatures, strong winds, spring storms and plan to return to the lifestyle and diet that makes me feel good.
Here we go!

Nothing you do today can change the past. Everything you do today will affect the future.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Processed Food Fast

Just as an experiment, I think that I'll keep a log of the processed foods that I consume during the day.
For the most part, we have eliminated most processed foods and primarily shop the perimeter of the grocery store. If you use the perimeter method of shopping you'll find dairy, meats and produce and skip all of the canned, boxed and prepared foods.

About the only regular processed food item in my diet is whey isolate protein powder and I really need to increase my use of that and get a little more protein into my day.

I am a believer that abs are gained in the kitchen more than in the gym and need to get back to focusing on diet and preparing healthy meals. Our big meal of the day (usually late afternoon/early evening) isn't the problem. I think that lunch or midday eating is the biggest obstacle in my daily diet. Breakfast is not too bad, usually coffee and a smoothie or maybe some eggs.

The midday meal is a problem because it is usually unplanned and is whatever is available when I decide to eat. If I am out, that usually spells trouble on the healthy scale. I know that there are healthy options for eating out, but the truth is I tend to go for the fast option rather than the healthy one.

Late night snacking is also a problem. I need to make some more protein/fiber cookies or stick to a fruit smoothie and leave the nachos alone and the ice cream in the freezer! I know -- those things shouldn't be in the house if I'm sticking to the perimeter shopping method!

I know that my diet diary will show several processed items from time to time. I haven't eliminated them from my diet. I just want to see how I stand and how much of an adjustment is necessary to be comfortably healthy.

Comfortably healthy is my personal term for the compromise I'm willing to make between absolutely no junk food and satisfying my dietary cravings with an occasional indulgence or convenience.

So this isn't really a fast from processed foods as much as it is an awareness of processed foods. The awareness should create a marked decrease in consumption... least that is the hope!

Eat well.
Be well.

John <><