Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Starbucks Start

I'm beginning this morning at one of the Springfield Starbucks.
I had to get up to take Chris to work this morning so swinging by for a morning Americano and spinach/feta/egg white wrap seemed like a grand way to start the day. Looking at the customers coming in today, I see a lot of pretty fit looking people. Maybe I should stop by for a little inspiration more often.

I'll sip my venti 5-shot Americano, browse the internet on my Chromebook, refill my cup with a free coffee and head home to a morning workout. It'll be circuit work on the Weider weight machine today. I also need to see just what I need to do to repair the seat back on my recumbent cycle. I may get out for an actual bike ride today, but geez, it is supposed to be another hot and humid day in the Ozarks!

I think that I'd like to work on some yoga for strength and balance in the coming weeks. I'll check for some online sessions. If you are aware of any, please send me a link.

I hope that you are planning a healthy activity for today.
A healthy activity + some good for you food + a good night's rest = a better you for tomorrow!

Be well!

John <><

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chicago Food Binge

So it's been a tough week on the food front.

I've allowed myself to pretty much eat whatever I felt like while on my trip to Chicago for the UFC fights. I suppose I could have managed better by eating whatever in decent sized portions, but as you know, most places serve in semi-outlandish sized portions.

I may have to start this week with a modified fast to provide my system with a much needed detox/cleanse.
Or I can just go back to a better diet and let the body cleanse itself at a slow, steady rate. I'll figure that out as I make my way back home later today.

Since I'm taking a little time off from walking and running, this week will have me hitting the weights and the bicycle. I can tell you that the bicycle worries me. I'm not sure why the hills around our house bother me as much as they do, but they are killers for this old man! I'm sure that it would help if I wasn't so cheap and would spend the money on a decent bicycle, but I am cheap and figure that if I'm not racing, I may as well have to work for every mile. I mean -- exercise is why I'm doing it, right?

I also really need an exercise schedule. Time management for exercise is tougher for me as a retired guy than if I was working. There is no doubt that I have much more time, but that seems to be the problem. Putting things off is much easier. Then it isn't long until you don't have time. I need to convince my body that morning is a good time to get moving and it's okay to exercise before morning coffee or after only a cup. I can always do the relaxing cup (or pot) of coffee later.

I always feel better after a workout. It's getting to it that I need to feel better about.

It's just six weeks until beach week! Time to get serious!

Be well,
John <><

Monday, July 20, 2015

Re-assessment Time

I've been pushing my daily step total in spite of a nagging heel injury. I'm not certain if it's a bruised Achilles tendon or heel pain from the plantar tendon. I've changed my stride, added shoe inserts, done a number of things to bring relief and just endured the discomfort -- all for the sake of the goal!

It's time to stop.

I'm going to take it easy for a little while. I'll get my exercise in some other way. I know that I'll miss taking my walks (not so much the running part), but I think that it's necessary for a little while. I'll give it a couple of weeks, then reassess -- again.

I'll admit that part of me feels like a bit of a wienie for doing this. You know that voices that we all heard growing up -- "Shake it off," "Don't give up," "Work through it!" "No pain, no gain!"

I suppose that I can ignore those voices now that I have no one to impress, no team counting on my performance and no real ego to maintain. I can afford to listen to the sensible voice that says "Let the heel heal."

And so I will.

John <><

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why I Run

I know that there are lots of people that like running.
I am not one of them.
I can't say that I hate running. I don't. But I definitely can't say that I like it either.

The only thing that running does for me is cover distance faster than walking.
And because I'm not a fast runner, it is not a great deal faster. If I am walking quickly, it takes me 15 to 16 minutes to cover a mile. Most days it's more like 17 to 18 minutes per mile.
If I am running, it takes me about ten minutes.

I know that there are heart and health benefits that I get from running over walking; those just aren't that important to me. Most days, I'm not even that concerned about getting my workout in more quickly because time has become less important to me in retired life.

I don't walk with anyone.
I don't run with anyone.
I don't stop to enjoy the view or worry about doing laps around the neighborhood or taking a longer circuit through town.
I just put in the steps and cover the miles.

I suppose that building speed and endurance will help me to run longer and finish more quickly. I am feeling better as I run and my endurance is improving. I can honestly say that I'm not doing much to work on increasing my speed. I don't plan on running any races so I don't really see the point. On most days, I am perfectly content to walk. For whatever reason, once in a while I decide to run.

Maybe I will get to the point that I like to run.
Maybe not.
But I will run.

Not fast.
Not far.
But, occasionally, I will run.

John <><

Monday, July 13, 2015

Way Behind at Mid-month

It is not quite the middle of the month and I find myself way behind in my monthly step goal. I'm going to need to up my daily average to 16,000 in order to make my 450,000 goal for the month.

Part of the problem has been a few days that I have been too busy to get many steps in. Another part has been letting the weather get in the way. We've gone from constant rain to blistering heat -- pretty typical for the Ozarks.

I need to get up and get out earlier, but I'm not too big on that whole get up and get going where exercise is concerned.
Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier. I could, but I probably won't.
I guess I'll just have to hydrate and sweat.

Better get moving!

John <><

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's July!

Where did the first half of 2015 go?

It is already July.
And time to set some new goals for a new month.

June accomplishments were okay; nothing to brag about, just okay.
I managed to make my 400,000 step goal but had to smash my daily record by taking over 30,000 steps on the 30th to get it done!
I didn't do the inverse pyramid run that I mentioned as a goal but accomplished the miles by just doubling the distance and just stepping down -- running 2 miles, 1 1/2, 1, and 1/2 mile and walking 1/2 mile between.
Weight wise, I managed to lose a couple of pounds but am still well above the 200# mark. As I said, this isn't a great concern. I know that I am eating well (for the most part) and I am getting some exercise almost every day.

For July:

At one point I was entertaining the thought of 500,000 steps, but I think that is a little (or a lot) over ambitious. Since I do get the extra day, if I go for a 10% daily increase and add the day I'll end up at 450,000 steps for the month. There are some travel days and I'll have some more heat to contend with, but that's the goal -- 450,000 steps!

Where running is concerned, I would like to make a five mile run by the end of July. The actual run distance from my June goal was 5 miles with three breaks of 1/2 mile walks. I just need to work to cut out the walking breaks. Again, speed isn't much of a concern.

I am going to work more on strength conditioning over the next few weeks and I would like to "look" better by our beach vacation in September. I am not at all interested in bulking up, I just want a lean, fit, healthy look. I am going to make daily (or nearly daily) yoga a part of that as well.

On the diet front...
I think that we need to eat out less and enjoy the fresh seasonal produce by preparing meals at home. Last night we had steak fajitas with fresh green, orange and red bell peppers, onions and seasonings and served will well seasoned pinto beans. It was relatively simple and quick to fix, tasted great and was an easy clean up, as well.
We need to do more of that.

So there it is:
450,000 steps
5 mile run
Strength conditioning
Daily yoga
Healthy eating at home

Set your goals.
Make a plan.
Achieve your goals.

Be well,
John <><