Thursday, January 10, 2019

Jan 10, day 41

Bad report day.
No exercise, but I did buy a new pair of walking shoes.
Diet wise I did okay so pretty much a neutral day -- no real gains, no real losses.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Jan 9, day 40

Pretty normal day.
I did only walk 3 miles, so I won't make my 12,019 steps today.
Food wise -- I ate well, but will probably be close on calories.
Not stressing over a medium/decent sort of day.


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Jan 8, day 39

Today was the first day that I've come pretty close to my calorie target. Most days I come in well under. Today it was pretty close -- but still under.

I made my step goal and walked 4+ miles at a pretty brisk pace.
Just so you don't get the idea that I'm becoming a real fitness nut, I generally smoke a decent cigar while I'm walking.

My diet was good. I still need to work on more protein, but I'm pretty satisfied.


Jan 7, day 38

So my January 7 report comes on the morning of Jan 8.
I waited on purpose so that I could record my morning weight at 1 week into the new year. Maybe that wasn't the best idea since I gave myself a day off yesterday -- I didn't walk. I didn't make my step goal. I didn't track my calories. I ate some sweets. But it's okay. I deserved the day off.


I'm good with that.
The scale is moving again and I'm feeling better. The daily walk is getting back to being a habit that I feel good about. I need some new walking shoes. I think those are coming this week.
I haven't added any additional exercises yet, nor have I made it a point to get started earlier in the day.
No worries, though. It's working for me. Tracking calories and proteins/carbs/fats is a big step in moving towards being healthier and eating better.
Chris is on board for the healthier eating part. That's a big help.

So I'm minus 10 lbs in 38 days. Nothing earth shattering, but moving in the right direction.

Be well,

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Jan 6, Day 37

Good day.
Hour or so of yard work, 3 mile walk, 12,019+ steps.
Good diet day -- fish tacos for lunch with a quinoa salad, left over tacos for dinner.
Had a few handfuls of nuts for snacks, and since I was doing well on calories I had a couple of chocolate macarons that were sent by a friend.


Saturday, January 5, 2019

Jan 5, Day 36

That's a good number!
-9 pounds in 36 days that included the holidays. I'll take it!

Today was a light exercise day with a shorter walk. I did some yardwork and will be doing more tomorrow. I just managed to get my steps in.

It was also a pretty light eating day so I came in well under my calorie allotment. It's not a bad thing, but I need to keep my protein intake up higher than it's been the past few days.

All in all, I'm pleased so far.

Be well,

Friday, January 4, 2019

Jan 4; day 35

Today was another decent day.

A 4 mile walk, 12,019+ steps, and below my daily calorie count.
Tomorrow morning is my weekly weigh-in. The last two days have been at or below 250 pounds, so expect the weigh-in to be around the 250 mark. This past week has been good.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Jan 3; day 34

End of day.
My calorie counter shows that I still have a couple hundred calories I can consume. I'm glad for the cushion today because eating out can be a lot of guessing. I think I am fairly realistic when estimating, but having the spare calories in the bank is nice.

I manged 4+ miles today on the walk and just topped my 12,019 step goal.
So far there's been no additional exercise.
I'll get to it.

Right now I'm just happy to be getting back to walking every day. I know it's not really much in the way of fitness, but it's better than parking my butt on the couch and I'll take it!


Jan 2

I'm not sure how the end of day posts are going to work. I didn't think about posting yesterday's results until after I was in bed. This morning (Jan 3) I'm posting under the title of Jan 2, since it's really yesterday's post.

It was another good day.
4 mile walk and under my total calories for the day.
Supper was a little heavy and high in fat, but I had the calories to spare so no real harm done.

I'm still not getting to the early morning exercise. It's a good thing I have the day to find the time for it later. I've been getting into a bad habit of staying up past midnight. I still get my sleep in, I just feel like I'm wasting daylight. I imagine that will change back to a more normal cycle when Chris goes back to work.

For the morning of Jan 3 (Day 34), the scale put me at -8 lbs. It's starting to move again!
And today's another day towards better health.

Be well,

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January 1, 2019


My first of the year weigh-in was a little disappointing -- not surprising, just disappointing.
254. That means a net loss of just four pounds for December. The good news is the holidays are over and I'm off to a new month, with new goals.

For Day 1 of 2019, I'll make my goal of 12,019 steps. My phone app shows me 15 steps short right now, but I'll make that and more just going upstairs in a bit. Most of them came during my four mile walk. That's all the exercise I managed today, since it was a sleep in kind of morning.

Diet was good.
It was day 2 of logging food and calories and I came in well under for the day. My proportions were a little off from my goals. I'll probably go back to using a daily protein supplement to boost my protein when necessary.

It was a good day.
It was a good start.