Friday, August 4, 2017


In an effort to get back to some regular exercise, I've managed to talk Chris into doing yoga with me on a regular basis. We've both use yoga as exercise in the past, but never really done it together. I went to a couple of classes with her, but preferred to do it at home with a video or book for instruction.

The yoga studio she was using has moved and no longer has class times that meet with her schedule.

We are using the Yoga with Adriene 30 Days of Yoga that I've used in the past. The You Tube videos came out in January of 2015 as a way to make yoga a habit for the year. Rather than using them for 30 consecutive days, we'll be using them 3 days per week for 10 weeks. We'll use them on the days that Chris doesn't work and then use her Yoga for Bedtime on the other 3 nights and take Sundays off.

I have used a little yoga on and off for a few years,  but never really developed into a regular practitioner of the craft. I'm hoping to become more regular and to continue to practice well beyond the 10 weeks. I also expect to add some sessions on days when Chris is working.

Even though I realize that Adriene is an accomplished yogi, it is a little frustrating at how easily she flows from one position to the next while this fat, old guy struggles just to maintain my balance! One of the advantages of video instruction is there is only Chris to see me struggle. It is interesting that we have difficulties in different areas.

For many, yoga is a lifetime practice. I hope that it will become that for us, as well. There is something about the daily practice that keeps your mind centered on well being and that covers areas off the yoga mat such as diet and environment. Although I follow several yogis on social media, I mostly admire their strength and flexibility and wish that I could do those things. As a beginner, I know that it will be a while and that they have put in years of practice to get to their current place. I guess the key is to make sure that my current place is not where I stay and that I make progress towards making the transitions flow more easily as the strength and flexibility improve.

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  1. We do NOT want to see a picture of your downward dog.